Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Spain: Passport Seized For The Past Treasurer People's Party

A The spanish language judge Monday, February 25 seized the passport of the former treasurer of this People's Party, in power, Luis Barcenas, suspected of tax evasion, after questioning the foundation of a merchant account in Switzerland 22000000 pounds could have hidden tax.

Judge Pablo Ruz, the Court of the National Court in Madrid, saying there's a threat of leakage, has barred the former treasurer of leaving the nation and ordered him to record every 15 days to justice, according to his choice public.

The magistrate, after hearing Monday Luis Barcenas, followed the particular prosecutor's program corruption, which had increased "many symptoms that may constitute crimes against the public treasury of corruption and money laundering." This particular prosecutor also noted "the existence of accounts in Switzerland with a very high amount of cash whose source is under investigation" and "the existence of a Heritage For that reason abroad which induces a flight risk. "

Luis Barcenas is billed since 2009 in the structure of the "GArtel case," a problem scandal by which companies nearby People's Party, the party of the present prime minister, Mariano Rajoy, are suspected of obtaining paid commissions along with gifts offered with the aim of getting government contracts.

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The former treasurer of the PP told the judge that his wealth invested in Switzerland, which reached up to 25 million pounds, can easily be the result of his "expertise" in business, did told journalists associates civil events. Barcenas would, according for you to them, they had earned the money coming from "stock trading" and also gave the exemplory case of a single transaction in the securities of a company of The spanish language strength, which would do permitted euros to be won six million by him.

This particular former treasurer also justified by its background property assets and sales tables. Past statements for this result, a judicial supply said, had recently been asked with a police investigation espagnole.Selon the plaintiffs, Luis Barcenas in addition has denied when he was this particular treasurer having received money from contributions to his party.

It's also at the heart of still another scandal that hit the People's Party after the publication of details in the two major papers in the united kingdom suggesting an invisible party capital. Late January, the prosecutor opened an investigation to the possible existence of a sales occult teaching.

The name of Mariano Rajoy, who chairs the PP since 2004 looked Jan. 31 on a listing of names manuscripts produced by El Pais, center left, he received between 2008 along with 1997, "payments totaling 25 200 pounds once a year, "from donations with private companies. The top of government has firmly denied having received money illegally.

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