Tuesday, February 26, 2013

North Korea: Kim Jong-un Visited Techniques Simulating A Genuine War

Tuesday the leader involving North Korea, Betty Jong-un attended the live fire techniques that replicate "real war", introduced, February 26th the official press after the inauguration of the President of Korea South.

"An endless barrage of shells was fired towards the 'enemy positions', their roar moving the heavens and the earth, and all were covered in flames," said the official news company KCNA info (Korean Central News Agency). "If feasting on adversary positions present on fire [Kim Jong-un] was satisfied."

In accordance to KCNA, this North Korean techniques were designed to test the functions of the military "to cause a genuine war." The company has mentioned neither the place nor the time of those techniques, but this particular story is created after the official start of presidential term from Park Geun-hye.

Ms. Park, the pretty first woman to become president of To the south Korea, mentioned in his inaugural conversation that would not accept the slightest provocation from North, which has performed in mid-February its third nuclear test. Nonetheless it has also offered to follow an insurance plan based on trust with Pyongyang, unlike its predecessor, Lee Myung-bak, in favor of a difficult line.

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