Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Significant Abuse Of The Ivorian Military Against Pro-Gbagbo

In a report called "CAte d'Ivoire: what the law states of the winners," The NGO Amnesty International accuses the Republican Forces (FRCI) - the military setup by President Alassane Ouattara after the post-election disaster associated with 2010 - 2011-to have conducted which a repression" throughout the title of "security" in reaction to a of attenats within 2012.

"On basics usually political and ethnic", "dozens of people" have been the subjects of "arbitrary arrests" and "torture" determined by the military and the "militia" composed of conventional hunters "dozo," says the NGOs. At least two different people have died in acts of "torture," based on the firm, which denounces "serious violations" of human rights at this particular cost of actual or alleged supporters of former President Laurent Gbagbo.

Amnesty International and other NGOs had arrested the FRCI serious violations of human rights in their a reaction to the wave of attacks, usually lethal, conducted in the subsequent half 2012 basically by armed groups against the security forces and sensitive sites. The all of us government has attributed the attacks on supporters of the old regime, that Gbagbo's camp has rejected.

Read (reader ): The UN is worried throughout regards for you to the determination of violations of human rights in CAte d'Ivoire


CAte d'Ivoire is attempting to show the page on the disaster of December 2010-April 2011 which killed about 3000 died after Laurent Gbagbo refused to acknowledge defeat in the presidential election. The former Head of State is guessed of crimes against mankind by the International Criminal Court (ICC) in This particular Hague held since late 2011. A lot of of his followers are used in CAte d'Ivoire.

Supporters of President Ouattara will also be suspected of having committed serious crimes through the crisis of 2010-2011 but none of them has been worried by the Ivorian justice, nor the military falsely accused of committing atrocities after equipped attacks in 2012. "CAte d'Ivoire must break the cycle of abuse and impunity," said GaAtan Mootoo, Amnesty investigator, denouncing "the failure of the Ivorian authorities to establish the rule of law" despite promises.

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