Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Hezbollah designated responsible for the anti-Israel attack in Bulgaria

Hezbollah designated responsible for the anti-Israel attack in Bulgaria

According to the Bulgarian authorities, Hezbollah is related to anti-Israeli attack that left six dead and thirty wounded July 18, 2012 at Bourgas Airport. "There is information on funding and membership (Lebanese Shiite movement) of two people, including the bomber," he told reporters the Interior Minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov. They "had passports from Australia and Canada" and "living on Lebanese territory in 2006 and 2010."

Israel immediately accused Iran of having ordered the attack and Hezbollah have been running, that both vehemently deny. The Bulgarian authorities were more cautious, refusing to show finger Tehran or Hezbollah before disposing of evidence.

According to analysts, the designation of the Lebanese movement could provide the United States a strong argument to convince the European Union (EU) to include the great ally of Iran and Syria in its blacklist of terrorist organizations.

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