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Beppe Grillo Ignites Rome

Beppe Grillo ignites Rome

The "Tsunami Tour" finished in tidal wave: 200,000 people? "800,000", as announced Beppe Grillo, who finished Friday, February 22, his campaign tour, during which they traveled to Italy from city to town, while its opponents camped on shows? There were in the world, in just about any case, about the Piazza San Giovanni in Rome, where in actuality the writer and comic concluded his 77th phase victory.

Rome, Piazza San Giovanni: two symbols for the price of one. It's in the Roman capital experienced by these chosen "protected by their armored cars" that desire returning "a casa" ("home"). It's on this area that held the biggest demonstrations of the Italian left, Togliatti's funeral, this particular first receptionist of the Communist Party in 1964, the first unit of syndicats.Le-May is content provide you with listening to this article usually reserved for subscribers

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Yes, you will find all sorts, and people. There Flavio Testa, a law student who will election for initially in the basic elections (legislative and senatorial). "Grillo said he opened a hole in the Italian political immobility. Dilapidated These characters who co-opt them and contributed Italy must disappear. All my friends are attempting to leave the nation to locate work elsewhere." One downside: it's "not agree with the proposal and only a on the euro."


At his side, Antonella, a pal of her mother opine. She's still chosen left. Except this time. "But there is more left-wing party, she laments.'s Political class has proved it self incapable. Proposal for the very least income of 1,000 pounds isn't a utopia. There so many who're paid to do nothing, technically unemployed. Where is the huge difference? "

Only a little later, Paolo, a 67 years, was included with his wife. Simply because 1994, they have always chosen for Silvio Berlusconi. Maybe not this time. "I \'m here because everything must change, he proclaims. Procedures do not understand what is taking place here. Problem should end. Berlusconi has nothing robbed him, but yes other. Ago also huge difference in this country between the rich and the indegent. " He lives with a pension regarding 1 200 pounds per month, "sufficient", he said. "We were ready to abstain, but we said" Let's determine to try again "." They'll political election Beppe Grillo.

Placed on the stage before the Basilica of St. John Lateran, speakers succeed. Largely young. They certainly were used, surveyor, accountant, computer programmer. Tomorrow, they'll end up being deputy, senator, regional councilor. Their dreams are recounted by them just like a rosary. Which would like people service of water, simple drugs, which travel and free of charge ADSL. They are against the TGV and the fantastic work "useless" against people funding associated with media support and political parties, which they accuse involving ridicule their cause and speeches towards Europe in Germany. To person speaks: "Before, down house, there is Roberto, Guiseppe. Nowadays, there Signor Schultz and Franz." Applause.

SUCH As For Instance A ROCK STAR

Last but not least, Beppe Grillo arrives just like a rock star after a long time has recently been waited by his fans. Barely had he directed his speech has grown immensely, drops of sweat upon his forehead. He attacked difficult Pierluigi Bersani that reaches out to his constituents and he called Gargamel, as cartoon character that looks like the first choice of this leftist coalition: "He says I am a, But my best money, I 'I received through might work and maybe not being a political parasite like him. " He talks about his crossing the Strait of Messina to swim before the regional elections of November 2012: "I arrived thirty minutes before this ferry!"

A lot is laughed by us. It screams. We applaud. His speeches and toasts have previously been heard. As a showman at the end of the trip, it no more surprises anyone, yet it has simply to hear exactly what we previously know. "Go, you are surrounded!" He yells one final period towards these political leaders that honnit. And the crowd again: "A casa!"

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