Tuesday, February 19, 2013

O Vote Of Two British Solution From The EU

Half Britons would vote for making the EU if a referendum was held with this issue today, in accordance with a survey released Monday by the Financial Times (FT).

Based on this survey, 33% of respondents say yes to keep in the EU, 17% wouldn't vote and 50% would political election for a release in Europe. Half of the respondents are also beneficial to the referendum stated by David Cameron, who wants to renegotiate his country's relations with Brussels to repatriate some powers, then submit the new contract by the end of 2017 for the acceptance of his countrymen.

Among Britons who say they'd vote for at the EU, only 12% say they'd change their minds if these discussions became profitable for Britain, 47% "maybe", but for 41% it'd don't have any effect.

Some 45% of respondents believe which their country takes advantageous asset of the EU (against 34% usually), but thirty three percent believe that great BRITAIN economy would be tougher outside Europe along with 37% in out change nothing. A previous survey done in late January by the Times right after the statement of that the referendum already indicated that 40% associated with Britons would vote in support of making the EU and 37% would remain there.

The Harris Interactive poll was conducted among a sample of 2,114 adults between January 29 and February 6.

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