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France Threatened By Political Unbalances

Often favorite within the polls despite the rise of Silvio Berlusconi and the development of Beppe Grillo, Pierluigi Bersani, the head of the leftist coalition reaches out. His last conferences, his last television performances before the plan is abandoned very Friday, February 22 at nighttime, were devoted to refine its image convener: "We do not will need enemies, we separate not the united states. want to govern us and we'll lock ourselves without us, "he told voters disappointed in the direction of individuals of Freedom, the party founded by Cavaliere. To "Grillini", followers of the comic blogger genoa, he or she agrees: "We have nothing in opposition to those who will listen. We comprehend their disaffection and anger towards the political course. But it is a mind-set before a political perspective. "Le is pleased to give you scanning this article generally reserved for subscribers

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Why so many safeguards and telephone calls the base? At twenty-four hours of voting generally elections (legislative and senatorial) on 24 and 25 February, Mr. Bersani is similar to all observers. It is no longer specific of such a thing. If the advance should ensure success in the guarantee of 55% associated with seats and the Chamber of Deputies because of the premium paid to the majority coalition topped, it does not hold true in the Senate, where This grant is given on a local basis. At the particular case where the center-left wouldn't win this particular two critical elements of Lombardy and Sicily, probably the most used in Italy, an alliance should be sought by him with selected centrist coalition led by Mario Monti. This electoral law, passed in 2005, was called "crap" by its author, decided this Northern League Roberto Calderoli.

But this installation, recognized by the Church, the business enterprise group and the European elites who feel reassured by an agreement between the Social Democrat little known beyond your boundaries of Italy and a personality more appreciated abroad in his own country, can destroy. The reason why? The failure of the vote and only Mr Monti. Banned from book two weeks before the election, quizzes moving in the mantle. One of them gave, Friday, 9% as well as a huge number of votes in just outgoing chair. He couldn't cross this threshold, the level associated with elected may then be inadequate to assure political stability to Italy. Already, some suggest the theory of a return to the polls or the creation of a difficult to implement - and risky - "grand coalition" between the left, centre and right.


Week, this doomsday scenario short corridors of political parties in Rome, Piazza Affari, ie the Milan Stock Exchange, and the headquarters of important financial institutions. Notes running on the alarming risk of ungovernability Peninsula's third biggest economy associated with the euro area into recession in 2011 following large austerity successive (for a good overall full of as much as 300 million euros 2014) and still weighed down by the scale of his debt (representing 127.4% of GDP). The "spread", which actions the spread between government bonds Italian and also German times. Charges Italian debt to a decade amounted to 4.50%, against 4.16% in early January. "We believe that the current pro-Europe, pro-austerity provides gained this victory, but the capacity of the newest government to change is that likely for you to be thwarted by the rise of popular resistance," wrote Citigroup authorities. Thursday, February 19, the rating agency Standard & Poor's issued a study to deal with the important thing issues buyers. S & P predicts a lack of momentum in the implementation of reforms to improve development, where the majority observed.

Sketchy, the strategy didn't reveal traces of force. The progress of the left coalition, regenerated simply by the key in December 2012 aimed Bersani at its head, was dissolved by the entry into effect of this plan Berlusconi jolt (for the sixth time simply because 1994 ) and the killing of Mr. Grillo, the simply one who preferred the conferences outdoors throughout this particular snow or rain, the purring of television debates. "The regular man" of Russia merely to assure possible, when MM. Grillo and Berlusconi played the bidding. The 2nd promise to pay for "cash or check" part of the fees paid by the Italians, the initial "week 20 hours" and "a minimum income of 1000 euros." Meanwhile, Mr Monti couldn't find its devote this entire strategy played on the theme of taxation and of which he became the scapegoat.


The campaign in Italy acquired also fit between obstacles: the politico-financial scandals who have hit the bank Monte dei Paschi di Siena, near to the Democratic Party, or the defense firm Finmeccanica handled by the state, whose leaders are considered to be able to have "watered" different parties, such as the Northern League, that the friend of Mr Berlusconi. Media space had been also shared by her along with the renunciation of Pope Benedict XVI and ab muscles popular Song Festival in San Remo... Under these conditions, one looks in vain for the expression of which a design" for Spain in the proposals of the different individuals. Or even the start regarding a public debate. The its effect on all parties and weight of the Church (with the exception of 5 Stars Movement, the formation of Mr. Grillo) have stifled debate on civil rights, as was the case in Spain and France..

Finally, the campaign highlighted and exacerbated the divide between two worlds which today appear irreconcilable: on one side, that of "caste politics", right and left, devoted to protect its interests, and the many other an incredible number of Italians tired benefits it offers and the leaden pounds it places on society. Mr. Bersani is aware: "To fight this digital divide must certanly be crystal clear and transparent regulations, principles simple and clear by all," he explained Thursday with the World. Must he can still govern.

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