Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brazil: Marina Silva Launches Their New Party, The System Lasting

Former Minister of the Surroundings of President Lula and former homeowner in the Workers' Party (PT), released Marina Silva in Brasilia on Sunday 16 February, a brand new political party called "Network sustainable."

Before a few hundred militants, which had obtained against all odds, 20 million votes in this particular first round of the 2010 presidential political election after joining the tiny Green Party (PV), said this individual wanted to would politics "differently", using including social support systems.

At 55, the former senator hasn't announced whether it'd end up being described as a candidate again in 2014. Born into a inadequate family in this Amazonian state of Acre, Marina Silva has fought for the maintenance of the Amazon alongside Chico Mendes, opponent of the Amazon assassinated in 1988.

Professor of history, Marxist communities close for you to the university, she struggled the military dictatorship. Member and councillor of the area legislature, she turned at age 35 this youngest senator in the annals of Brazil.


Minister, it's in a position to lower the rate of deforestation in the Amazon. However, facing the agribusiness, the idea can not prevail versus the expansion of GM soya. Thinking that Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva did not adequately supported on many issues, such as for example hydropower and biofuels, Marina Silva slammed the entranceway of the Government on 13 May 2008. It had been altered which a day later basically by the geographer and environmentalist Carlos Minc. The following year, she left the synthesis of the President.

Qu'attachante specialized character as it is among the few people Afro-Brazilian politics. Socially conservative and politically progressive, it returns the image of a determined activist cause ecological guided by high moral rectitude.

Came third, with nearly 2,000 of the election in the presidential election of 2010, Marina Silva had not given guidelines to vote for the second round, earned by Dilma Rousseff. In mid-January, the lady stated that the leaders of the PT were not "unbeatable."

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