Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A NATO strike kills ten civilians, including five children in Afghanistan

A NATO strike kills ten civilians, including five children in Afghanistan

Tapping the NATO International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) under NATO command, killed ten civilians, including five children, Wednesday, Feb. 13, according to local officials. The air strike took place in the district of Shigal (Kunar province in eastern Afghanistan). It was confirmed by the ISAF, which did not, however, rule on the announcement of the death of civilians.

"Foreign forces have carried out the attack on their own, without informing us," denounced the governor of the province. He said that the strike took place in the village of Chawgam and ten civilians killed belonged to two families in the village. Four Taliban fighters were also killed in the strike and five other civilians were wounded, he added.

Major Adam Wojack, spokesman for ISAF, said he was informed of an incident that "fit" than Kunar, but did not confirm the number of victims. "We take seriously all allegations of civilian casualties and we are looking into the incident further clarify the facts," he said. ISAF says regularly have reduced the number of civilian casualties in Afghanistan in recent years and believes that the insurgents are now responsible for the majority of deaths.

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