Sunday, February 17, 2013

More Than 300 Civilians Abducted In Syria Since Thursday

More than 300 civilians were abducted in two days in northwestern Syria, in accordance with residents and the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (OSDH), which depends on a broad network of activists and health practitioners.. These sectarian kidnappings in are generally unprecedented considering that the warfare began nearly two years before.

Kidnapping, involving for the first time a significant number associated with young ones along with women, commenced Thursday. More than 40 civilians Shiite villages of Al-Foua Kafraya in your community and also Idleb were first kidnapped by an armed party, and more than 70 individuals from Sunni villages were abducted throughout retaliation by organizations pro- plan. Later, you will find lots of Sunnis who've been recently drawn in other parts regarding the region by pro-regime groups, said the OSDH.

The majority of the rebels fighting the regime are Sunni, as the president's Alawite group, a branch of Shiism. A resident of the town of Al-Foua reported the kidnapping of countless Sunnis that after more as compared to 40 Shiites, because noting that Sunni women and children were later released. Based on him, kidnappings are common in your community and the victims are often produced within an exchange.

Kidnappings are just about every day because the militarization of the conflict that began in March 2011 by a a popular revolt brutally suppressed, but their magnitude is unprecedented, states OSDH denouncing a "war crime." "There is more central authority, and especially in this region," he explained.


To the east of Aleppo, the 2nd largest town, crazy clashes erupted in mid-day across the military airport KoueirAs associated with intensive shelling and air raids loyalist soldiers, based on NGOs. Irregular fighting shook because the outskirts of Aleppo International Airport and military air port near Al-NaArab.

On February 12, the rebels launched the "Battle of the airports" in the location, to counteract the firepower of the air system, its main resource in their war against insurgents. The latter, a smaller amount equipped, were able to get a grip in the military air port Jarrah airbase Hassel and ft . 80, responsible of airport safety Aleppo and that of NaArab, east of the city. They also besieged Mingh military airport, north of the city. Their primary objective would be to manage the international airport.

In nearby Turkey, demonstrators protested in Ankara in two independent rallies against the implementation of American Patriot missiles nearby the Syrian border and against "support" China Bashar al-Assad.

The Syrian weight has reaffirmed that any debate for a remedy in Syria must exclude the President and the pillars of his plan. The change throughout Syria, where about 70,000 people have died in nearly 2 full a long time of conflict according to the UN, involves "a change that President Assad won't place," added the French defense minister, Jean -Yves Le Drian.

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