Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Islamist Abu Qatada returned to prison

The Islamist Abu Qatada returned to prison

The Jordanian Islamist Abu Qatada, who is alleged not to have complied with the rules of his parole, will return to prison by order of a British judge said on Saturday, March 9th judicial source.

"After a telephone conference with counsel for both parties," the presiding judge of the Special Committee on Immigration Appeals (SIAC, a body sensitive issues related to national security), "ordered back to prison" of preacher, said a spokesman for the judiciary.

The judge ruled that the evidence presented to the SIAC tended to show that Qatada had "not respected the conditions on his release." A new hearing be held on Thursday morning, during which the two sides can present all their arguments, it was clear from the same source.


Abu Qatada, who has been trying for years to escape extradition to Jordan, where he should be retried for planning attacks, was released from prison in mid-November. As part of the parole, the preacher is subject to strict rules.

It is allowed to leave between 8 and 16 hours. He must wear an electronic bracelet, do not use the Internet and refrain from any contact with certain people. Suspected of having transgressed these rules, Qatada was arrested Friday at his home in London.

A time regarded as the spiritual leader of Al Qaeda in Europe, Abu Qatada lives since 1993 in Britain, where he sought refugee status. He spent most of the last seven years in British prisons or under house arrest. In early May 2012, the European Court of Human Rights had paved the way for his extradition rejecting the request for reconsideration of his case.

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