Wednesday, March 6, 2013

North Korea Intends To Denounce The Armistice Agreement With The South

North Korea has threatened Tuesday, March 5 denounce the armistice settlement signed in 1953 to finish the Korean War, as a result of tensions started basically by its new nuclear check and joint military maneuvers between South Koreans and Americans.

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In a produced by the official news agency N . Korea and acquired in Seoul, its intention have been also expressed basically by Pyongyang to cut red phone put up in the village associated with Panmunjom, positioned on the point. North Korea has also threatened, without elaborating, to take "firm" measures against, in reaction to what it described as U.S. hostility towards him.

The Security Local authority or council of the United Nations around the world was to fulfill Tuesday to discuss further sanctions to be imposed on North Korea following its fischer test in 12 February, an indicator, according to diplomats, the United States and China are near s' reading on the matter.


North Korea has successfully completed in December to launch a rocket in space vocation, according to Pyongyang, in fact test fired a according, long-range rocket to the West, as well as two months later, achieved a nuclear test, which has angered the international community.

An urgent situation meeting, the Security Council of the UN - whose presidency was supplied by Southern Korea in February - had "strongly condemned" the nuclear test as well as reported that he could s 'attempt to take "appropriate measures" through a new resolution.

China, a normal ally of North Korea, has to date been reluctant to face actions judged too severely on the North Korean regime. But she nevertheless criticized Pyongyang for nuclear test. The capturing of rocket or bomb and nuclear tests have earned North Korea a series of international sanctions since 2006.

In addition, annual military maneuvers US-South Korea, called Foal Eagle, started on March 1 and is finished April 30. The Usa and South Korea will arrange further moves simulated on computer, 11 to 21 March.

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