Friday, March 8, 2013

In Caracas, The Anti-Chavez Didn't Hide Their Bitterness

In the streets regarding Caracas, Hugo Chavez's experts keep specially "hatred and division," planted by them in the united kingdom by the late President, and expressed their fear to see converted into a "martyr" as nicely as "god" by his successors.

View the video: The Venezuelans observe the death of Chavez

"The only issue Chavez did has been to spread division and hate. They wish to make him a martyr. Makes me laugh," joked Jose Mendez, a computer engineer for 28 years, as the acting president Nicolas Maduro declared Hugo Chavez, died Tuesday of cancer, will become embalmed "as Lenin" and his human anatomy confronted with the public at the very least 7 days. Giuseppe Leone, an 78 years, says about him having "almost cried" at the death of the champion of anti-imperialism, but it also claims that "there are no words to explain what's Chavez: Venezuela destroyed it. "


In fourteen years in power, its popularity have been built by Chavez in disadvantaged with social programs financed by oil revenues endless thanks to his joyful and personality. But this has also increased sharply isolates the Venezuelan society by his / her violent diatribes against his opponents, regarded as "traitors" by remote "imperialists" based in the United States, but also by several expropriations and nationalization entire sections of the economy.

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A posh method of the capital, which is the middle class and criticized as large, Rafael needs to bear unknown to spell out that Chavez "has other social classes even though he recognized that shedding and a leader is "regrettable" to separate the particular country,". "Here we learned to hate, to end up being angry and insulted us. Families were divided by quarrels across the attitudes of Chavez", claims that part of a firm, first in line to see deterioration in professional Hugo Chavez.

Many social projects have been launched by "it, but it can do a great deal more. Much harm was also done by has, since there are absolutely no organizations, there's no justice. Has abused those who challenged the government, "said Sara, the official preferring anonymity, discussing what competitors call instrumentalization instrument judicial department of government.


The attorney Jose Jimenez (name), since the arrival of Chavez to power throughout 1999, "there was an uncontrolled general public spending, that the violation of the separation of powers, abuse of power and opponents haven't recently been respected. " Additionally, despite his personality and his omnipresence in the public media, Mr. Jimenez feels that the late president has didn't solve "the major dilemmas involving the country", as insecurity which seems today top of the goal of the 29 million Venezuelans.

In respect to NGOs, the nation experienced in 2012 more than 21,000 homicides, an interest rate of 73 per 100,000 people - 1 of the best in the world - despite methods against carrying guns, campaigns for disarmament as well as the combat against corruption in the police-led government. Additionally, Sara believes that it's "natural" to state 7 days of mourning after the demise of the president, but this forty fears that the followers make "an eternal being," the image of the Argentine revolutionary Che Guevara.

Wondered the chosen heir Hugo Chavez, Vice-President and Acting President Nicolas Maduro great favorite inside the forms for the first presidential appointed within thirty days, the opponents of the ruling Socialist Party does not expect change.. "If Maduro benefits, stampede [opponents] will be quick. His talk is higher in violence, [is that] an individual animated by resentment," states Sara.

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