Saturday, December 22, 2012

Wall Budget: Obama calls on Congress to adopt a more modest

Wall Budget: Obama calls on Congress to adopt a more modest

President Barack Obama called on Friday 21 December, Congress to adopt a budget compromise more modest in scope than those mentioned in recent weeks to avoid a forced austerity in the United States in early January.

"This is something that we can solve, it will not require much effort, we just need to do the necessary," Obama said in a brief statement at the White House, following the failure of a backup plan Republican House of Representatives supposed to prevent the country from crashing against the "wall budget" (Tax cliff). This expression covers a tax increase for all Americans and the entry into force automatic cuts in spending from January 1, cocktail including economists fear it causes a relapse of the world's largest economy into recession.

Obama announced Friday he discussed with President of the House of Representatives, Republican John Boehner, and talking to the White House with the head of the Democratic majority in the Senate, Harry Reid. He said he asked them "to work on a plan to prevent a tax increase on the middle class, protect unemployment insurance for two million Americans, and lays the foundation for future work on both the growth the fight against the deficit. " "This is an achievable goal. This can be done in ten days," he said.


The elected representatives of both houses of Congress have already left for their Christmas break but were warned to be ready to return before New Year's Day. Obama and his family shortly after leaving the White House to reach Hawaii, the birthplace of President archipelago, where he spent the traditionally festive period. But Obama said he would be back "next week" for the resumption of budget discussions. "At the moment we leave the city [Washington] to return to our families during the holidays, I hope it will give some sense of perspective to the whole world," he said.

Thursday night, the Republicans in Congress had failed to agree on a "contingency plan" finding of the deadlock in negotiations between Mr. Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. The latter said that the ball was now in the camp of President. Friday, spokesman for Mr. Boehner blamed the deadlock in negotiations to Obama. "We continue to hope that he is finally ready to get serious budget to avoid the wall," he said. The same source, Mr. Boehner "will return to Washington after Christmas, ready to find a solution that can be adopted by both Houses of Congress."


Of tax cuts for all taxpayers, inherited the presidency of Republican George W. Bush are due to expire on January 1 if Congress and the executive branch does not agree. Now the Republicans want this device to be extended to all, including the wealthy.

According to an official White House Friday evening, Mr. Obama wants to let expire for 2% of the richest households, which corresponds to higher income people to 250 000 dollars. During the negotiations, Obama had offered Mr. Boehner to raise this threshold to $ 400 000.

Observers believe that Obama clearly re-elected in November, has the advantage in this latest crisis with his opponents, because in case of persistence of blocking, it will get the desired goal: increased taxation easier, even then that Congress passes new cuts for the middle class.

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