Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Aluminum Jacket Type 02 For The IPhone

The Aluminum Jacket Type 02 seems to have an perhaps lighter option of carrying your iPhone safely with you. It weighs about 1.6 ounces and includes dimensions of 2.6 by 0.5 by 4.8 inches. The idea makes it perfect to fit your current iPhone unit disadvantage the problem of contracting it to be able to fit. With enough room to hold the phone, it is convenient enough to transport more than with you without feeling any additional weight.

The Aluminum Jacket Type 02 is made with creative features to be able to simply assist it resist shock influences or perhaps scratch situations. The inside of the iPhone metal case is that arranged with an unique cushion to absorb shock. This surface consists of 3mm thick metal substance which when mixed stops damage when your iPhone drops to the floor or grazes against an object.

Aluminum Hat Type 02 could be the ultimate refuge you have been trying to find to simply support your iPhone maintain its crispy new look. The iPhone metal case is used by simply the edges using steel steel screws. An Allen wrench in addition forms area of this hardware which aids in slipping and removing your own phone simply any time.

So now anyone have a 100% possibility of preserving your precious iPhone from the nasty scratch or unpleasant reduction. Plus with these dull looking iPhone covers when anyone can pick from selection of 6 cool designs for your iPhone you don't have to go. The Aluminum Jacket Type 02 Smartphone situation rolls within six amazing colors of gold, black, silver, blue and red.

Now you does also include style and additional colors to produce your iPhone metal situation appear fashionable and modern. There is the new pure white-colored Aluminum Jacket Type 02 for your iPhone which carries the hallmark apple mackintosh color. Outlined here is yet another special option, this is possible to get opera alongside with your iPhone metallic case insurance firms giraffe or zebra prints on the case. You can easily also vary the pet designs with colors like red, purple, silver precious metal or blue.

Don't allow your iPhone to always be enclosed in a dull looking scenario that doesn't speak well associated with your personality. Get yourself a custom made Aluminum Jacket Kind 02 for your Smartphone and benefit with the different colors on the metal surface supplying a different personality on you.

While your iPhone is shut up in a safe along with hard case, inside addition, it looks fashionable along with good. With a chic looking case it is probable to always enjoy delivering out your iPhone and flaunt.

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