Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Two new immolations of young Tibetans in China

Two new immolations of young Tibetans in China

Two young Tibetans have sacrificed for prostester against Chinese rule, reported Tuesday, December 11 a group of human rights, while the People's Daily accused the Dalai Lama of Tibetan Buddhism to a "cult of evil ".

Both incidents occurred Saturday in two regions Tibetan people, and bring to 95 the number of those who set fire to their clothes since 2009 - most of whom are dead - according to a press the London-based International Campaign for Tibet.

Kunchok Pelgye, a monk of 24 years, was slain in the Aba prefecture of Sichuan province, which concentrates the majority of these incidents, while Pema Dorjee, 23, died the same way in the province neighboring Gansu. According to witnesses, the two young men died in calling for the return from exile of the Dalai Lama to flee his country after the failed uprising in Lhasa against Chinese rule in 1959. Both immolations are themselves produced on the day of the death of the founder of the Yellow Hat sect, whose spiritual leader is the Dalai Lama.

The day before, the official news agency reported that a new China Tibet schoolgirl aged 16 was immolated by fire Monday in Huangnan prefecture in Qinghai province (north-west), with a population of 68% Tibetans and also become a hotbed of protest against Chinese rule.


Saturday Lhasa, the Jokhang, the most sacred temple of Tibetan Buddhism, was surrounded by police officers, soldiers and firefighters, apparently to prevent any attempt at self-immolation. China accuses the Dalai Lama of encouraging Tibetans set themselves, and the Chinese courts threatened to sue for "murder" the authors of these incentives, according to the official press.

A monk from Kirti monastery in Aba, and his nephew were arrested for inciting eight Tibetans to sacrifice, including three deaths, the agency reported Sunday New China. According to an editorial published Tuesday by the People's Daily, the organ of the Central Committee of the Communist Party, "the Dalai Lama uses religion to control people and to sacrifice in order to achieve its political objectives." "Not only does this totally violates Tibetan Buddhism and its traditions, but it bears the characteristics specific to a 'cult of evil'," the newspaper has used terminology against the sect banned inspiration Buddhist Falun Gong.

Many Tibetans do not support what they see as growing domination Hans, ultra-majority ethnicity in China, and the repression of their religion and their culture. Beijing denies these allegations, saying Tibetans enjoy freedom of worship. The government emphasizes the significant investment in the modernization of Tibet, and a better quality of life for its inhabitants.

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