Sunday, December 30, 2012

To Vision Is A Globe Without HIV Or AIDS

Exactly what would anyone do, in the event that at the age of 14, everyone were clinically determined to have HIV and then explained to by your physician which you probably wouldn't stay to see your Eighteenth birthday? Can you simply give up on life and die? Or, does you fight back and try to make a difference? That's what happened to me. I was medically identified to do the HIV virus in June involving 1987 at the age of 14, at this time there was hardly any known concerning the disease. I'd received which a transfusion after having surgery to fix a neck, during the surgical treatment much blood was lost too by myself and it definitely was a regarding life or death whether to received the blood transfusion or even not. I was also pregnant with my personal only child as well as one at the time so I felt I'd zero option except to possess the transfusion. I wanted to be around to be able to see my boy grow up. When I returned to the hospital for my normal check-up I know was told that I wanted to become tested for HIV the next month. I was told to that there has been a chance that one of the pints of blood I'd been given may did been infected with the HIV virus, so I agreed to be examined. In the past this blood wasn't analyzed as thoroughly because this is today. Fourteen days later I was called back once again to the doctor's office for you to discuss the trial results. I found out I'd indeed contracted the HIV virus. But, i didn't shed hope; alternatively I decided that I has been going to fight back and try to make a difference simply by teaching the others about HIV and AIDS. Since that day in 1987 I've dedicated my entire life for you to HIV and also AIDS education and prevention.

My vision is always that truly a sphere without HIV or perhaps AIDS. But, in support of us to obtain this vision, we should begin using an increase associated with intensive HIV and AIDS education and avoidance methods. It's my mission to educate the others about HIV and AIDS, consequently since to peace and quiet the spread of this disease along with to prevent the discrimination and judgment connected with HIV and AIDS. At the conclusion of 2009, centered on the Centers and only Infection Get a grip on as well as Prevention in which estimated more than a million people in this US ages 13 and aged were living along with HIV infection in the Usa, and of the upon two decades didn't realize that this individual were infected with HIV virus. More over, as regarding August 2011, this Centers for disease control estimated around 56,000 folks were still obtaining infected with HIV each year. So that you can avoid the annual amount associated with new attacks, there has to be much more extensive schooling about HIV and AIDS, including bigger reduction methods. Not to mention that nonetheless after thirty years due to the fact the first circumstance of AIDS was described in this United States; things really have not changed, individuals are still becoming polluted at a high rate and the judgment and discrimination connected with HIV and AIDS remains for you to be very much alive. We as a state need certainly to act now before more folks become contaminated and also die. I really believe that it is our work to protect and maintain our next generation.

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