Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tel Aviv is described, but it must oppose the bombing in Gaza!

Tel Aviv is described, but it must oppose the bombing in Gaza!

We, the residents of Tel Aviv, we breathe a sigh of relief. After being accused for years of hedonism and apathy, hated the pretext that we live in a "bubble" and we prônions one naive leftism, we finally had the privilege of hearing the screams of sirens alert, and we rushed to the shelter. Finally, we know fear, tumult, the roar of missiles.

Now - at least this is the feeling of some of our compatriots - we do more hasten to condemn the attacks on Gaza, we do more fustigerons the right, we reach any shame, our brothers and we understand Israel once and for all, "we have no partner for peace" and the oath our leaders a decade.

It is toward evening the siren sounded. Since the first Gulf War in 1991, Tel Aviv had not experienced such an alert. In those early days, I was 14 and I was thrown into the protected room that had prepared my parents. We all donned our gas masks (with the exception of my grandfather and my grandmother from Syria, which they had crossed the number of events in their lives and refused to smother these masks ), and we waited missiles.


While this week when the siren screamed in Tel Aviv, I woke up, I took my cell phone and keys, and we left, my companion and I take refuge in the stairwell our Bauhaus-style building.

This is how we discovered that we had lovely neighbors (in recent years, Tel Aviv has become a metropolis, proof: we no longer know our neighbors). And suddenly, we chatted with the friendly people and make acquaintances. All telephone networks had died, but fortunately, the Internet continued to function.


Then a neighbor returned home, after we had saluted a "soon." Certainly, it would not be a unique opportunity to meet us there. Indeed, the hottest topic that animated conversations in Tel Aviv was: "Where were you during the alert?" This was sipping his coffee espresso one, his club climbing wall, and one, the toilet. While me, I morfondais in my room to cut my nails.

I do not think we have reason to rejoice as soon the election of U.S. President Barack Obama, arguably the last bastion against the folly of war and the Israeli leaders apocalyptic war that threatens us. But we do not forget, for a moment, that the U.S. president does not govern Israel.

After the warning, we went to show Metsoudat Zeev [Citadel Zeev Jabotinsky (1880-1940), who inspired the nationalist right], the bastion of Likud.

Insulted our MOTHERS

The streets were already crowded with people, some walking, others were doing their jogging, some headed for the event. Here we saw many police barring the way to separate us from the Likud activists.

These colors waving flags of Israel, we were the finger and insulted our mothers save us without ourselves.

Us, arborions placards against the attack on Gaza, we screamed slogans against the "war election" of Netanyahu and Barack Obama, as well as the following: "In Gaza and Sderot girls want to live" (in Hebrew, believe me, it rhymes ...). But we were not numerous. I'm a little disappointed to admit it, but we were more than two hundred people.

Not terrible. Right next to me, Dov Hanin stood, one of the leaders of the party Hadash [Communist Party], flanked by his bodyguard. A policeman happened in our ranks we filmed with a video camera, one by one, with a perseverance worthy of praise.

Some argue that the survival instinct premium human being. I begin to doubt. A week ago, we returned from a one-month stay in Provence, home to writers. And I must confess that I would not for the world to see me in France at the moment, despite the dangerous situation in Israel.


It goes without saying that it is not patriotic fever, God forbid, but the feeling that my home is here and solidarity with people who want to live in peace in this country where I was born and - despite all the serious problems - I like.

But to find me there he improves the situation? I would be naive to believe that. I shiver reading that there have been bombing Gaza. I suffer to see missiles on Israel and the pain of people on both sides of the border who are paying with their lives for cynical acts of bloodthirsty leaders.

In the evening I sent a picture of the event at a Palestinian poet, once met, who lives in exile.

Shortly after I sent, she wrote on Facebook: "I do not feel the need to condemn the war because of the terrible attack on Gaza. All wars in the Middle East rages under my skin. All cities in the Middle East are my home. souls of all murder victims in Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Palestine, all of these are part of my family. Anyone who exercise their violence on the body those demanding freedom are my enemies. During the last week is no different past two years in Syria, nor the last ten years in Iraq, or sixty-five years in Palestine. Stop the hate. "


While another Palestinian, Israeli passport holder living in Jaffa with a fellow Jew, spoke on Facebook grandmother output dancing on the roof of his building, the sound of missiles falling on the city. He writes with a good dose of black humor (these days, everyone needs humor):

Me: "Mom, do you know where the shielded room?"

Mom: "Of course, this is my bedroom. I already filled with food Qalqiliya [northwest of Jerusalem in the Palestinian territories]."

Me: "Everyone okay?"

Mom: "Everyone except your grandmother. She dances on the roof."

Me: "Take down that crazy!"

Mom: "Why bring it down? Hope that the missile will go down ..."

Leaving the event, we took care not to cross the right-wing activists, some of whom lurk in the alleys isolated late rallies to give a good lesson to the protesters left. We walked through the streets of Tel Aviv us away carefully showcases.

During this time, I thought the place where I réfugierais in case of emergency. But there was no other siren. We continued to Allenby Street name of General Edmund Allenby, who drove the Ottomans from the land of Israel and through the doors of the first Hebrew city, with pomp and glory. From there, we gained market Lewinsky and we sitting in a restaurant to eat herring Jewish and a beer. Because, after all, we can no longer complain of hedonism typical of Tel Aviv.

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