Thursday, November 15, 2012

Petraeus, discovered FBI agent who initiated the case

Petraeus, discovered FBI agent who initiated the case

They describe him as a person "stubborn." A "bull dog" agency. Stubborn and aggressive. A person who does not give up. Here is the description of the FBI agent who collected the confidences of Jill Kelley. The woman complained of harassment via email from an anonymous on his relationship with CIA director David Petraeus. So W.Humphries Frederick II, 47, detective "veteran" anti-terrorism, initiated the investigation that led to the resignation of Petraeus and the blocking of the appointment of General John Allen, the top NATO.

AGENT-A scandal that is now shaking the White House. A sex gate involving the leaders of the U.S. defense. And that threatens to engulf other people. Humphries, a man "conservative political views and is known for its aggressiveness," has never stopped to investigate and discovered that he was Paula Broadwell, the mistress of Petraeus, the sender of the threats was not too veiled. Then giving off a chain reaction.

HEARING-Meanwhile, Petraeus will be presented Friday to the Senate Intelligence Committee. His hearing had already been held to discuss the attack on the embassy in Benghazi, where he died Ambassador Chris Stevens. It is unclear whether the hearing will also be discussed during this scandal. Meanwhile, another General John Allen, whose correspondence with Jill Kelley (30 thousand email) is being studied by investigators. You have to understand if the two women had access to confidential information.

OBAMA-Expect In short, the results of the investigation. "I'm waiting to judge," said Barack Obama. The President said: "There is no evidence so far that classified information has been revealed." It has renewed its confidence.

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