Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Republicans should keep the House, the Democrats dig their advantage in the Senate

Republicans should keep the House, the Democrats dig their advantage in the Senate

The first results released by the American chains suggest that the Republican Party retain control of the House of Representatives and the Democrats increase their majority in the Senate, suggesting a new divided Congress, no matter who or Obama Romney is elected president.

These findings to the House, where all the seats are renewed, are consistent with estimates of pre-election. Republicans had won control of the House of Representatives in mid-term elections in 2010, ahead of the Democrats elected 25 of 435 seats. Among the significant results of this election victory appears Joseph Patrick III, the grand-son of "Bobby" Kennedy was assassinated in June 1968. According to preliminary results, it should be imposed in the 4th District of Massachusetts Republican Sean Bielat to face.


Americans voted also designate a third of the 100 members of the Senate, where Democrats have so far a narrow majority of 53 seats. In the upper chamber, Republican candidates have suffered major setbacks, according to media projections.

In Maine, Angus King, an independent candidate, won the race. The seat was at stake after the resignation of Republican Olympia Snowe. In Connecticut, Republican Linda McMahon lost for the second time in two years, despite $ 100 million of his own money spent in the two races. Democrat Chris Murphy will occupy the seat of Joe Lieberman, a former Democrat became independent who used to vote with the Democratic majority.

In Massachusetts Democrat Elizabeth Warren was elected, defeating incumbent Scott Brown. Mr. Brown was elected after the death of Ted Kennedy, Senator history of the State.

In Indiana, a Senate seat held by a Republican was won by Democrat Joe Donnelly, who beat Republican Richard Mourdock. He had hit the headlines with remarks on abortion during the campaign.

In Missouri, Democrat Claire McCaskill outgoing would also re-elected after a tough campaign against Republican Todd Akin. He had also caused controversy for saying that rape can not cause pregnancy.

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