Friday, November 9, 2012

China auto sales Japanese victims of the conflict on the islands

China auto sales Japanese victims of the conflict on the islands

Japanese auto sales in China fell 59.4% year on year in October, in a market of passenger cars increased by 6.4%, reported Friday, November 9th China Association of Manufacturers automobiles (CAAM).

Sales of Japanese cars in the world's largest market sector began to decline in September, following the exacerbation of a territorial dispute around uninhabited islands in the East China Sea between Beijing and Tokyo, and a wave of anti-Japanese demonstrations in China.

Last month, the market share of Japanese cars in China was 7.6% with 98,900 vehicles sold, down 4.6 percentage points compared to September and fall of 12.3 percentage points a year, said the CAAM, a close association of government.


The overall Chinese automotive market, the world's largest market sector, has increased for all categories of vehicles together, 5.3% in October year on year to 1.6 million units, according to CAAM. Sales of passenger cars, the first segment, totaled last month to 1.3 million units.

The association added that during the first ten months of the year, sales across all categories (passenger cars, buses, trucks) rose 3.6% to 15.7 million units, of which 12 6 million cars, a category that grew by 6.9% year on year.

In September, the Chinese car market fell by 1.8% on a year under the impact of anti-Japanese demonstrations.

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