Thursday, June 20, 2013

The U.S. report on human trafficking causes uproar

The U.S. report on human trafficking causes uproar

The United States criticized China and Russia for not doing enough against trafficking in human beings, in a report which can trigger U.S. sanctions against these two powers with whom relations are already strained.

These two countries, as well as Uzbekistan, have fallen to the bottom of a classification drawn up and published Wednesday by the State Department as they were committed to fight more effectively against this scourge. For the Secretary of State John Kerry, "we have a moral obligation to address this challenge [for] the human trafficking is an attack against our most cherished as freedom and human dignity values."

The director of the office at the State Department in charge of combating human trafficking, Luis C. Baca has denied any of "the politics behind" this global panorama. "To be promoted, it should not be a major country or an ally. Should show results," he said. And insisted the diplomat, "people forget that for every case [of slavery] there is a person." For John Kerry, the "governments have the primary responsibility to respond to these crimes."


In the case of Beijing, bane of Washington on human rights, the report reveals "an important trafficking among the migrant population within China," as well as the continuation of "forced labor, including in brick kilns, coal mines and factories. "

In addition, the one-child policy has led to a "ratio of 118 boys for every 100 girls, which give an application to traffic foreign women marrying Chinese men and prostitution," denounces the Department of State. Not only Beijing, says the report, "showed no significant efforts to completely prohibit and punish all forms of trafficking," but more "China has become the world center for human trafficking for the world of work and the sex industry, "accusing the elected Democrat Chris Smith.

"We believe that the U.S. should adopt an objective and impartial view towards China's efforts [to stop trafficking] and stop issuing unilateral and arbitrary judgments about China," said the door- word of Chinese diplomacy, Ms. Hua Chunying, at a daily briefing.


As for Russia, with which the United States increasing friction on human rights and civil liberties, a million people "are in a professional operating characteristic cases of trafficking situation." The report denounces cases of "non-payment of wages, physical assault, extremely poor living conditions."

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed its displeasure. "With regard to the possibility of unilateral sanctions against Russia (...), the very fact of raising this issue causes indignation," said the foreign ministry in a statement.


In neighboring Uzbekistan, although the number of children under 15 years forced to work during the annual cotton harvest has declined, but "older children and adults are still victims of forced labor."

Under U.S. law, the relegation of these countries at the bottom of ranking can trigger cuts in the U.S. non-humanitarian and non-trade-related assistance. President Barack Obama will decide in September if he takes such sanctions. These threats are also a message to the States this year placed on a "watch list" that could well be demoted to the last level in 2014 if they do not do more against human trafficking. These countries include Afghanistan, Malaysia, Thailand, the Maldives and Chad.

Instead, three states - Azerbaijan, Iraq and Congo - have been enhanced by Washington saw a "real movement" from them in their fight against trafficking in human beings and slavery. The United States believes that there is 27 million people enslaved in the world.

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