Friday, June 28, 2013

A Belgian general takes the reins of the Eurocorps

A Belgian general takes the reins of the Eurocorps

The Belgian General Guy Buchsenschmidt took the lead, Friday, June 28, EuroCorps during a ceremony in the center of Strasbourg, where is installed the multinational military structure.

He succeeded General French Olivier de Cassel, who served for two years in command of this body founded in 1992 by France and Germany. Eurocorps is a permanent command structure, operational, capable of deploying in operation within a short time, particularly in the context of NATO and the European Union.

Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg, who joined the military structure, part of the five framework nations, while Greece, Italy, Poland and Turkey have the status of associated nations. In 2012, Eurocorps ensured a one-year mission in Afghanistan under the NATO-led operations. The French General Olivier de Cassel is particularly been the leader of the ISAF staff.


The European body had already secured a mission command in Afghanistan in 2004 and 2005 and was also established in 2002 the main one deployed in Kosovo (KFOR) core strength. "We must avoid profiling only Nato sphere," he told journalists Buchsenschmidt General, wishing Eurocorps can be projected in the future "as part of a mission of the European Union."

"We expect the December European Council policy stimulus in terms of the tools of European defense," also said Bavinchove, considering that "Eurocorps is well positioned given its operational experience, its commitment and skill level. "

Eurocorps is mainly composed of two entities: a staff with about 400 soldiers and a multinational brigade command support of more than 500 people.

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