Monday, June 10, 2013

Intelligence communications: London is the legal framework

Intelligence communications: London is the legal framework

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Monday, June 10 that the intelligence agencies in the United Kingdom "acted within the law," in response to allegations that they would have bypassed to obtain personal data.

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British intelligence agencies "are subject to scrutiny by the parliamentary committee for security," Cameron said during a visit to the north-east of London. "This is essential and I will sleep," said the Conservative leader.


Asked specifically about allegations that the United Kingdom would have had access to the intelligence of the American communications Prism program, the heart of a huge scandal in the United States, David Cameron did not want "to comment on issues relating to information. " According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the British center tapping, GCHQ, had access "since at least June 2010" to Prism, developed secretly by U.S. intelligence.

Prism was used by the U.S. secret services to intercept communications of online users outside the United States on major social networks like Facebook. According to the Guardian, Prism also appears "to have allowed the GCHQ to circumvent the legal process required to obtain personal data such as e-mails, photos or videos of operators based outside the United Kingdom."

The head of the British diplomatic William Hague, who under his tutelage service Listens and external intelligence service (MI6) to speak on the topic Monday afternoon before the deputies. He said Sunday that the "legal framework" in which the British intelligence work was "solid" and that "supervision by the departments was strong."


Because of the controversy, however, he was forced Monday to delay his trip to the United States. Legal authority, "normally a minister" must give the green light to any request from the department plays in the UK to access email from British citizens, said Monday the president of the British Parliamentary Committee for safety Malcom Rifkind.

Intelligence agencies "can not simply decide emails or phone numbers they will intercept," he added. Conservatives defend a bill that would require Internet access and mobile phone operators consulted providers archive the activities of their clients, if any, by the authorities. This project is currently stalled because of opposition from their Liberal Democrat partners in government.

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