Saturday, June 8, 2013

Japanese nuclear: Paris does not put pressure on Tokyo

Japanese nuclear: Paris does not put pressure on Tokyo

"France is no pressure in any way" on Japan to reactive its atomic plants, said Saturday the French President Francois Hollande at a press conference in Tokyo.

"Every sovereign country determines its energy policy, we do not intervene in the choice of Japan," still insisted the president ended a three-day state visit to the archipelago, a stay marked by partnership agreements, particularly in the field of nuclear energy.

On nuclear, Holland said: "Every sovereign country determines its energy policy" # PRJapon Thomas Wieder (@ ThomasWieder)

"Whatever the choice of Japan, we have to cooperate for safety, for the highest level, for there is no doubt about the reliability of the plants," argued Mr. Holland, recalling that the French regulatory authorities were in contact with their Japanese counterparts on this issue.

Cooperation is essential to him as the dismantling of plants, which should be realized by the creation of a joint venture between the French Areva and Japanese Atox to dismantle the Fukushima nuclear plant, devastated by an earthquake and tsunami in March 2011. "Our industry must be at the forefront and it is. We work together and each country decides."

The Japanese government of Shinzo Abe, in place for six months, has expressed its willingness to reactivate all nuclear reactors to be considered safe by the regulatory authority, independent of the executive.

Currently, only two slices (in a park of 50) operate in the archipelago, the other being held at a standstill pending the conclusion of examinations based on tough new standards that come into effect in July. The companies, which were forced to stop their power, hope more will restart in the short term, but the government as they will get an understanding of the population and the green light from local officials concerned.

Mr. Holland also recalled that Franco-Japanese partnership in this important area is also used to promote the sale of equipment of high technical level and greater safety in third countries, such as Turkey, where the joint venture Areva Atmea and Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) has obtained exclusive negotiations for the construction of four reactors in Turkey.

For France, Hollande assured that he would take its commitments to reduce the share of nuclear power in order to rise from 75% to 50% in electricity production by 2025, at a pace that will decide the debate.

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