Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Entire World Did Not Quit On Plan

The total field did not end on Friday, Dec. 21, 2012 just like the Mayan calendar suggested. I wasn't astonished, were you?

For the days preceding the Mayan doomsday day the National Aeronautic as well as Space Administration settled fears between those which thought an entire lot of Mayans five millennia before can anticipate this end involving the world. I'm thinking they did not anticipate any this sort of thing. I'm reasoning this individual experienced fed up along with chopping calendars out of rock along with went home for dinner. I know i am talking about, just how many calendars for you to the future everyone don't need?

It'd be like printing out on our laser printer calendars for this following 4 million years - only art print them with some type of computer would be considered a heck of which a lot simpler than cutting them out of rock with leaves and small birds and snakes as well as stuff like that.

The Mayan Calendar is really that the little puzzling in my experience. I've seen pictures of that and it looks such as a wheel with some foreign man resting in the heart surrounded by little celebrities towards the outside associated with the wheel. The celebrities look a lot like the first television set we'd back in the 1950s.

They say the Mayans were pretty good in astronomy although they did not have powerful telescopes to watch the stars. But contemplate it, exactly what else was generally there to be able to do during the night? They did not do electricity and there plainly was actually no TV. So what to do? They looked at the stars - it definitely was actually nearly the best day sport available.

The wiser Mayans, probably the people who went along to MIT, the famous Mayan Institute of Technology, to get their PhD in astronomy, examined watchfully the designs of the stars. Their observations triggered that sweet carved stone with the little group of symbols called the Mayan calendar.

Here's an idea: I deem I'll declare Mayan ancestry along with get where they remaining off. I could tell people who my own great-great-great-great grandfather was a Mayan Indian chief. I think I can take it down because I do have high cheek bones. Heck the idea absolutely has been a good excellent ample statement for some wacky college professor to get elected to this U.S. Senate throughout Massachusetts, why wouldn't it career for me?

Next I could spend a few days determining most of the signs of this times unveiled by the disorder, death, disease and warmongering around the world using Google Search. Next I could build some mystical math equations decipherable only by me simply because regarding my outstanding Mayan heritage intelligence, and then, and this is always that where the plan comes together, I could anticipate the next day for the end of the world and explain earth's previous days and its worker cataclysmic disasters!

Due to the fact people love unfortunate occurances this total show could be remarkably popular as well as have me which a significant quantity of interest. Remember the movie "Poseidon Adventure", and "The Towering Inferno" with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, then "Earthquake" as well as "Outbreak" and also "The Evening Right after Tomorrow?" Hit shows all!

The public seems to which way type of material and some folks will think anything. So maybe I will declare myself a Mayan, concur I've an advanced and mystical intellect; then start to hold group meetings in nighttime someplace on a mountaintop in Colorado. After getting several enthusiasts I could after that declare this following day for the world to end!

Would I be joined by you? Gee, I really hope not.

But think about the important thought that someday the world will end? It'll end, of that I'm certain, "but nobody knows the hour or the day these kinds of specific things will happen." In terms of I'm concerned anytime can end up being ended by it Our god chooses to push this button or pull the plug or light the fireplace or sound the trumpet. Whenever he wants to do it, I'm ready.

Are you?

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