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Mali intervention: the end of consensus politics

Mali intervention: the end of consensus politics

One week after the start of the operation "Serval" cracks multiply on the face of the sacred union. The decision of the President to engage, Friday, Jan. 11, in Mali's army had initially been welcomed unreservedly by the two leaders of the UMP, Jean-Francois Cope and François Fillon. This chapter is closed. More voices are now in opposition, criticizing the conditions of military intervention, the "unprepared" and "isolation" of France.

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François Fillon should not give his analysis on the subject before the end of the month, says his entourage. Advantage of his absence to try to pose as opposition leader Jean-Francois Cope, during the debate on the subject in the National Assembly Wednesday, January 16, expressed his doubts. "We are extremely concerned that France is also isolated," he firmly told.


Figures of the opposition into the breach. "France should not go alone," Judge the former Secretary of State, Pierre Lellouche. "Solving the problem of loneliness French, by setting up a coalition must be the absolute priority for the war hard and long," said the group's president in the Sahel in the Assembly. "It is shocking that were intended to be mercenaries from Europe, paying the price in blood and money, while we defend the security of the entire continent against terrorism," says plague it.

While Jean-Louis Borloo, President of the Union of Democrats and independents (IDU), calls the "political and military support" of the European Union, as the former defense minister, Hervé Morin, executive the UDI is also now deploying ground troops is questioned.

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs UMP Alain Juppé thus warns against the dangers of a step he considers "extremely risky" and fears "that we do let's put in a spiral that we will be very difficult to master ".

Favorable airstrikes but judging "inappropriate intervention on the ground," the UMP Axel Poniatowski believes that combat troops should be composed only of Malian soldiers and countries of West Africa. "France must simply provide logistical support if we fall into the problems of Françafrique," warns the Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Assembly, which is part of UMP deputies who requested the hearing the defense minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian. Which should be heard next week by the Defence Committee.

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At the Elysee, evacuating these arguments as much skirmishing tactics. "The temptation is always to bring the conflict to exist, but it would be a mistake, said a colleague of the president. You can both approve the transaction and, two days later attack. No events warrant a change position. There is a kind of political calculation that does not serve the opposition. "

In the majority of the parade, so is self-same: castigate operation "politician." "It is true that some voices, including the UMP, who usually know neither the record nor the operation of our armed forces, says Patricia Adam, President of the Defence Committee of the National Assembly. This are particularly irresponsible about. " Deputy of Paris Jean-Christophe Cambadelis, national secretary of the PS internationally, and advanced on his blog, the "smallness" of Jean-Francois Cope: "Stop for reasons even junior politicians to weaken the action of France! "

To believe the socialists, the penknife in the sacred union have not altered. "The right hand did not leave space to the President, decrypts a member of the majority. All this does not, in the present moment, the national consensus. Currently, the cracks are on top, not in the opinion. "

In fact, while the majority opinion remains favorable to the intervention according to the polls, a BVA survey for i-TV January 18 said that six out of ten French François Hollande trust to lead. "The polls are positive, approval is wide, confirms Advisor to the Chief of the State. But this is not the issue. These are serious events must be assessed over time."


"Time": it is well known, at the Elysee Palace, with it, the political benefit derived collateral by Mr. Holland intervention seems to inevitably crumble. If the "Serval" allowed the head of state to exhibit a "determination" and a "commitment", which had previously questioned by public opinion, it will not fail be criticized, first and foremost, any failures of the French intervention, and civilian and military casualties.

After the attack on the Algerian site of Amenas, the question of French hostages held in the Sahel has also taken a turn hotter. Friday night, the Elysée announced that Mr. Holland would receive, Sunday, Jan. 20, the families of the hostages. Prior to convene again on Monday, his defense council.

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