Sunday, January 27, 2013

Carnage during a mutiny in a Venezuelan prison

Carnage during a mutiny in a Venezuelan prison

At least 50 people died and 90 were wounded, Friday, Jan. 25, during a prison riot in Uribana, northeast of Venezuela). According to medical sources, most of the victims were injured by firearms.

On public television, the Minister of criminal cases, Iris Varela, aexpliqué a search to find weapons in this prison that could be causing clashes.

Among the victims as well as military prisoners and prison guards, said Ms. Varela who promised to provide detailed information of events when the authorities had taken "full control" of the media establishment pénitentiaire.Les premises showed images of barricades set up around the prison by the National Guard, the transfer of prisoners with blood-stained clothing, and members of bereaved families of prisoners, mostly women, who were waiting for information.


The director of the Venezuelan Observatory of Prisons (OVP), Humberto Prado, regretted that the Venezuelan State is not fulfilling its responsibilities, while the Inter-American Court of Human Rights was launched in 2006 warnings about precisely Uribana prison. "The Inter-American Court has banned the Venezuelan state to kill one more held in this prison, but unfortunately did nothing Venezuela, and on the contrary, there is a very serious episode of violence," said M . Prado.

According to the OVP, Uribana was designed for 850 inmates, "but it has 2500 now." This prison is characterized by violent clashes with knives between prisoners who he is as much entertainment as a way of gaining prestige, according to NGOs.

All Venezuelan prisons are experiencing severe overcrowding, unsanitary and much violence between inmates are common. The official figures of 50,000 prisoners in the country, while the prison facilities are planned to accommodate 14,000.

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