Friday, January 18, 2013

Suicide: A Problem For The Entire World

In this Hellish World there are Regrettable along with Sad People also who commit Suicide. It's Tragic, but the idea is an Undeniable Fact that every morning Suicides does happen these days. Daily in Newspapers, on TV News Channels and occasionally perhaps in our locations we all hear about such suicides. Daily Numerous People commit Suicide in this World.

There is a reason for the Suicider which makes him as well as the girl to take this extreme action, but since this individual don't know very well what he or she are generally doing this individual commit Suicide! They've web host understanding in regards to what will happen after committing Suicide. This individual don't understand which this individual are putting themselves straight into Big Trouble.

I'm that a Hindu and also I've some spiritual knowledge that is why I'm exposing my knowledge with You. Any person who commits Suicide becomes a Soul later on Death. And after Death( Suicidal Death) the Soul provides to remain within this field in support of Hundreds or Thousands of Years!!! And that also with Sufferings! It indicates any one who commits Suicide has to endure here and only Hundreds or Tens and thousands and thousands of Years!! It depends how good an individual when you have been Alive you were.

Assume a great excellent citizen for whatever Suicide is committed by simply reason, then in respect to be able to their or even her karmas he or your woman might endure for let us declare 50 A long time or 100 Years or may be 200 Many years or perhaps 300 Years. Nevertheless a bad person has to endure for a minimum of 1,000 Years!!! And that is which a long time. Living a Life for 500 or 1,000 Years is simply how much Negative, there's you should not describe. We Humans live scarcely in favor of 70 or 80 Many years or at the most one hundred Years but look in the life span of a Soul's Sufferings, it does previous upto 1000 Years! There since every single Soul is Eternal is always that number Age of a Soul, every Soul is Immortal! And so the subject associated with a Soul's Age does not appears here. We're talking about the timeframe that a Spirit Suffers nowadays. There are loads involving Kinds of Sufferings a Soul experiences such as:

1) O Soul can not necessarily enter Christian areas like Temples, Mosques, Gurudwaras, Churches, an such like.

2) A Soul like People don't have the comfort and ease of Sleep. They are able to not Sleep like us. They require a Body to obtain Sleep. This is one reasons the reason why a Soul tries to recapture a Body.

3) O Soul can not really eat caliber materials like Humans. Bad things are eaten by these like Coal( Koyla). They drink Urine or Dirty forms of Water.

4) They are able to not create a House and live there quietly. They've to call house in Open Places or in which a Human's House.

5) They tend to be able to not Worship the Lord.

And most these for a 1000 Years! There might end up being other models associated with Sufferings also. I've stated what I know. Think of are not we all punishing Ourself by committing Suicide? Surely Yes! I am hurt by it when I read or perhaps hear about such Tragedies. That is the fact that why I wish to stop all of this! All the individuals of this earth are generally my Brothers and Sisters and that is always that why I wish to save everybody in the Curse. I Humbly Inquire to all my Brothers and Sisters of the World that whatever problem comes in your life, whatever predicament you encounter in your life, even if your Heart is broken in Love or even if anyone lose someone close to you, you shouldn't actually commit Suicide!!! I can sense the Pain of Suicide has been devoted by the People who but because their Lives have been lost by them I can not do anything for them! But i will do something for individuals whom tend to be Alive!! And also I desire to preserve them with the Curse of "Suicide!"

There might be many people who would actually believe that I'm talking almost all associated with this since I've not necessarily seen Sadness in my own life and I'm just motto it therefore quickly. They could deem that I've not observed Tragedy in my best life, but who is that not the case. I will perhaps not go in details right now but to summarize it in short, I'd point out that I've cried Tears of Blood in my life as well as I'm one of the most Unfortunate Human beings of this World! My Lifestyle Story might be published by us on the Site sometime in future nevertheless not now. There is that the reason because of it. Truly I know love a Woman and I don't need Her to understand all that. She could easily have hardened for me if She'll know the Tragedies of my life then. The reason why I'm actually not giving the facts of my Tragic Life and that is.

Therefore I demand to all or any my Brothers and Sisters of the World that Please for God's sake never ever in Your Lifetime also think about committing Suicide!! And when i sincerely care for Everyone then I don't am any Shame in Begging to all my Brothers and Sisters of the World that whatever situation comes in your lifetime,




Please distribute this Message and Save yourself the Entire World from this Actually Amazing Curse named "SUICIDE!"!!

I Defectively Hope who to any extent further I will perhaps not hear as well as come across out about a great Individual Suicide throughout this World!!!!!!!

I am aware it'll take time but Practically nothing is Impossible!!!

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