Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mali: relatives of the hostages worry, Islamists promise consequences

Mali: relatives of the hostages worry, Islamists promise consequences

The families of eight French hostages held by Islamic groups in the Sahel have expressed concern after the announcement of the engagement of French forces alongside the Malian army. Especially since shortly after its inception, the Islamist group Ansar Dine promised that "there will be consequences, not only for French hostages, but also for all French nationals anywhere in the Muslim world" .

Several members of the Government stressed that military intervention obeyed "the same cause" that efforts to release the eight French nationals held by Islamist groups in the Sahel. On Saturday, the defense minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that "life was at stake yesterday, she is now in play, and it will be tomorrow." According to him, "Advanced jihadists south would increase the weight of these movements [terrorists] and indirectly threaten the lives of hostages."

But this view is not shared by all relatives of the hostages. "I heard that Jean-Yves Le Drian said and it worries me greatly because we made it clear that the lives of the hostages was clearly engaged," advised the committee support Thierry Dol, which was removed with three of his colleagues in September 2010. "He practically validated the fact that the army would take risks in spite of saving hostages." "We are people aware that there is a geopolitical issue in the field, it is clear, we are also aware that there are men. I think a civilized society against barbarism should not be as barbaric and that does not take into consideration the lives of the hostages is also evidence of some form of barbarism. "


The Chairman of supporting two hostages, Pascal Lupart called special forces intervention in the camps where the French, believing that otherwise their lives would be threatened. "The special forces today, they must intervene," he said.

But the daughter of one of the two hostages, Diane Lazarevic, opposed on the same line with the request. "I do not want there to be one of special forces, she said. I do not see how France will attack the Islamists, it seems unlikely," recalling the failure of an operation of this type a few years ago.

"I see that we are in a position where we experience things. Ago a series of things which link us fall over, for its part, said Jean-Pierre Verdon, father of Philippe Verdon. Situation We suffer. Our concern is growing, it is an anxiety that takes a body consisting of more. " Jean-Pierre Verdon, the authorities have "done everything to try to find solutions" to the liberation of the hostages, "but it was not successful." "I think it is the best interest of the State which has prevailed," he said, estimating that the reaction took place in Paris the emergency after the capture of the city of Konna by Islamist groups .

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