Saturday, January 12, 2013

Crackdown against bloggers in Vietnam Catholics

Crackdown against bloggers in Vietnam Catholics

Catholic bloggers and they are at the forefront of the protest against the Vietnamese communist regime: denouncing expropriation, corruption and injustice, but also protesting against China's ambitions in the South China Sea. Both on the Internet and on the street, through the networks of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, whose members are known as "Redemptorists".

But the government has decided to strike. Fourteen of them were arrested in August, were sentenced Wednesday, January 9: 13 to prison terms ranging from three to thirteen years in prison, three years probation. Aged 24 to 55 years, they are accused of belonging to Viet Tan Party (Vietnam Reform), an organization based abroad, calling for democratic political reform in Vietnam and considered "terrorist" by the authorities . Their participation in training by it in Bangkok they are charged. According to Michel Tran Duc, Viet Tan member living in Paris, the 14 defendants do not belong to the party, but they just follow "drives to digital security, the blog and the theory of non-violence." "The penalties and charges are more serious," said he to the world.


Previously, dissidents were charged with "propaganda against the state" under Article 88 of the penal code, but now Article 79, suppressing the "reversal" of power is used, with much harsher sentences. Human Rights Watch (HRW), these convictions mark "a sharp escalation in attacks against government opponents." "Instead of jail, the Vietnamese government should honor them for their efforts to address the many problems facing the country, the government itself has identified," said Wednesday Brad Adams, Asia director of HRW .

Friday, the organization Reporters Without Borders (RSF) said to prove the innocence of the blogger Le Van Son, also known as Paulus Le Son, aged 27 and sentenced to thirteen years in prison, told the World the head Asia Benjamin Ismail. In July 2011, he was in Bangkok, but a session organized by RSF, as evidenced by this photo released by the organization.

In a statement, the association said it had "proof that the Vietnamese authorities use false pretenses to condemn critical bloggers against him." "This training is for bloggers from different countries of South-East, focused on the management of social networking and e-reputation. This conviction shows nothing but the paranoia authorities not only monitor every move of its citizens, but also misinformed by their intelligence services, "said RSF.

In December, the Catholic lawyer Le Quoc Quan, already imprisoned several times, was arrested in Hanoi, accused of tax evasion. A pretext, says Tran Duc for "silence before the trial of the 14 Catholics." "The" Arab Spring "have scalded power, he is afraid, especially as the Burmese political situation worried," he says.

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