Sunday, January 6, 2013

An accomplice to velvet paws in a Brazilian prison

An accomplice to velvet paws in a Brazilian prison

Curious discovery for a Brazilian prison guards, Saturday reported the newspaper O Globo. They put their hands on a cat that inmates imaginative, had specially trained to provide a range all need an escape.

It is a prison officer who discovered the deception. This intrigued by the strange behavior of the cat and the close examination found a bag attached to her body, contained all material to escape: saw blades, drill and tools necessary to unravel the cement and a mobile phone with charger, reported the newspaper O Globo Marcelo Avelino responsible for the prison guards of Alagoas, in the northeast of the country.

Frequent visitor

Accustomed places, the cat was often seen entering and leaving in peace the prison. An official of the prison, Luiz de Oliveira Souza, said the G1 news website that the prisoners had raised the cat and relatives often rebuked him home after a visit to the prison. "We were very surprised by this new tactic of prisoners," he commented.

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