Thursday, January 3, 2013

A man killed three people in a village in Valais in Switzerland

A man killed three people in a village in Valais in Switzerland

A man shot and killed three people and wounded two on Wednesday night Jan. 2 in the village of Daillon, in the canton of Valais in Switzerland. Police arrested the gunman after injury. The killer's identity has not been released by investigators. His motives were not immediately known.

The tragedy occurred at 20 h 50, according to the statement released at night by the cantonal police, not far from the city of Zion. The police made mention of "several people injured lying on the ground." During the intervention, the alleged gunman threatened the police had to fire and injury to neutralize it. "There was an exchange of gunfire as officers threatened the police. Was shot and injured," said a spokesman of the cantonal police, Jean-Marie Bornet. No policeman was injured.


According to the website the shooter was armed with an assault rifle. It would be a villager with thirty years and have taken alcohol at the time, indicates, citing the owner of a restaurant where he stopped just before the facts.

In Switzerland, where men can keep their weapons at home outside periods of military service, the Arms Act also authorizes all Switzerland over 18 years to possess weapons under certain conditions. The Department of Defense estimated two million firearms circulating in private hands and the Confederation (8 million). But the authorities consider that 240,000 weapons are not recorded.

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