Sunday, July 28, 2013

Support the Pope to Brazilian protesters

Support the Pope to Brazilian protesters

The Pope gave Francis Saturday, July 27 in Rio support to young Brazilian protesters who want change and asked them to engage in social and political themes as Jesus did, to be agents of change.

"Please do not let others become agents of change (...) Do not stand on the balcony of life, Jesus did not stay there. It is committed, strive as you Jesus did, "he told the pope to two million young Catholics came to listen on Copacabana beach. "Your young heart wants to build a better world. I'm new in the world and I see so many young people who took to the streets to express their desire for a more just and fraternal civilization," said the Pope to the applause of young. "It is that between the world's future. (...) Continue beyond apathy and offer a Christian response to social and political concerns that arise in different parts of the world. I ask you to be the builders of the future, "the pope said.

More than one million young people took to the streets of Brazil in June to demand better public services, an end to corruption in politics and huge expenditures in the FIFA World Cup 2014. The protests have continued sporadically, less intense, and often end in violence.

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