Sunday, July 7, 2013

Nigeria: a deadly attack against school

Nigeria: a deadly attack against school

Forty-two people, students for the most part, were killed in the attack Saturday in a high school in Yobe State, in northeastern Nigeria, by armed men presented as Islamist Boko Haram officials said a medical source.

"We received the bodies of 42 students and staff of public secondary school Mamudo, last night. Some had gunshot wounds and many burn marks," said Haliru Aliyu, the general hospital in the city of Potsikum. An inhabitant has confirmed the results of the attack attributed to Boko Haram.


The attackers burned the buildings of the school and opened fire on students who tried to flee. This is the deadliest attack in the region since the army launched an offensive in May against the Islamist sect Boko Haram. The Nigerian government has declared a state of emergency and deployed troops in the three states of the Northeast, where dozens of schools were burned by Islamists.

We deplore 1600 victims of similar attacks since 2010, including many schoolchildren and students. According to the victims' families, school Mamudo did not enjoy any special protection.

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