Friday, September 28, 2012

Israel asks UN to set a red line to Iran

Netanyahu called on Thursday to the UN General Assembly to decide on a "red line clear" to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. Illustrating his remarks with a drawing schematically showing a bomb, Israeli Prime Minister said that the Islamic Republic had reached a dangerous threshold of 70% of its uranium enrichment. To prove his point, he went to draw a red line on the drawing felt.

"The red lines do not lead to war. Red lines prevent war," he added. "Next spring up next summer at the rate they are currently pursuing enrichment (...), they will move to the final stage," he assured Netanyahu. Low enriched uranium can be used in power plants but it takes an enrichment of at least 90% in order to be used for a bomb.

"They only need a few months, maybe a few weeks before having enough enriched uranium for the first atomic bomb." "Time is short, it is very late," he warned: "The world's future is at stake (...), nothing can further endanger our future that an Iran with nuclear weapons" , he said. Comparing an Iran with nuclear weapons "Al-Qaeda armed with atomic bombs," Netanyahu assured that Tehran "cede" against a "red line clear." Israel has threatened a preemptive strike against nuclear facilities in the Islamic Republic, for his part said that pursue only civil purposes.


"Israel is in talks with the U.S. on this issue and I am confident that we will come to define the way forward together," he said. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Israeli Prime Minister stated at a meeting in New York that the two countries wanted to "prevent" Iran from having atomic bomb, said a senior U.S. official.

Barack Obama and Netanyahu both wish to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear army, said the White House shortly after the speech of Israeli Prime Minister. "As the Prime Minister has said, the United States and Israel share the same goal of preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons," said the spokesman for the White House, Tommy Vietor . "The president has made it clear to the international community during his speech at the UN General Assembly this week. We will continue our close cooperation to achieve this goal."


"The Islamic Republic of Iran is strong enough to defend themselves and reserves the right to respond with all necessary force to any attack," said the Iranian deputy representative to the UN, Eshagh Al Habib. This speech, which was not expected, was presented as a "response to allegations of Israeli Prime Minister" Thursday afternoon before the General Assembly of the UN.

Thursday afternoon, the foreign ministers of the P5 +1 (the United States, China, Russia, UK, France and Germany) have worked together on ways to bend Iran. "We have long discussed the need for Iran to act with urgency," said then Catherine Ashton, who reported his counterparts in recent discussions with the Iranians. She announced that she would "make contact with Iran to continue this process."

Before the intervention of the forum Netanyahu, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had hoped "that the General Assembly adopts a resolution considering the state of Palestine as a State not a member of the United Nations during this session," which ends in September 2013. "We are confident that the vast majority of the world supports our initiative to save the chances of a just peace," he said.

He also harshly criticized the Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank, described as "catastrophic" and "racist." Netanyahu ruled about these "defamatory". Abbas finally invited the Security Council of the UN to "urgently adopt a resolution (...), which serve as a reference binding" to conclude a peace agreement based on a solution "of two states, Israel and Palestine. "

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